Don’t let yourself forget about the upcoming shows of interest to jewelry makers!

MJSA EXPO— This coming weekend (3/10-12/2013), we have the MJSA EXPO, at the New York Hilton, which is mainly geared to high-end jewelers, but which does, normally, have a “bead room”, if you are intrepid enough to trek through all of the exhibits until there is nothing left to be seen – that is when you will be there (make sure, if there are stairs or escalators in the show area, that you follow all of them until you find this place).  This bead room will have things you don’t see at the other shows (even though I’m on the broke side, I’m going to go, just in case there is something that I must have — I get a kick out of seeing what there is even if I cannot buy everything, and, sometimes, I find a local supplier I didn’t know of).
The MJSA show is also where you will find the fancy catalog distributors and probably be able to get a free catalog to drool over. Right now it is still possible to go to the MJSA site and sign up in advance to get in free – you do need proof that you are “in the business” (“Business ID examples include business cards, paycheck stubs, business licenses, resale licenses, or invoices that indicate you buy or sell jewelry products, related crafts, or supplies.“)

THE WHOLE BEAD SHOW at the Metropolitan Pavilion (3/22-24/2013)  This can be quite exciting, if you think that looking at all sorts of things you could buy and then make into jewelry is exciting.  This is where you will find the best prices and assortment in New York City (of course, as if you didn’t know, sometimes cheaper means cheaper quality).  If you know your stuff, you can find true bargains.  Even if you don’t know your stuff, you’re sure to find something lovely at a highly reasonable price. You’re also likely to discover something you didn’t know about (one of these shows was where I discovered gilder’s paste, which is just so cool).  I don’t know why we can’t have all of these things all of the time in New York City, but (sigh!), I guess it for the best — I can only go broke twice a year going insane in a huge bead bazaar!  (Many of the sellers do not have a store front, and just travel the country selling cool stuff at bead shows! Others do have store-fronts in remote places, and also have lively catalog businesses – be sure to get business cards from the ones you like)

You have to pay $10 (cash or check) to go in, but that is good for the three days. If you have a resale license, they give you a special badge and you don’t have to pay tax on what you buy.


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