CHAIN! CHAIN! CHAIN! Botani – suddenly a place I want to go to more!

chain pic

Want “fashion” chain (i.e. chains that look really  nice, but are not precious metal?)  I just dropped in to Botani (236 W. 36th St, Manhattan), which has always had some interesting buttons, and saw that they have given over a large space to CHAINS! This is the best assortment of affordable “fashion” (costume jewelry) chain I have seen recently (something else might be hiding out there, but I haven’t found it yet!).  Initially I was worried, because the prices marked on the chain spools seemed high, until I learned that the chain is sold by the *yard* (that makes a $17.00 price tag work out to $5.00/ft, for example – and most chains are quite a bit cheaper.  They have all colors (silver color, antique silver color, gold color, antique gold, gunmetal in all colors, titanium color, copper color, many sizes, many styles – I lost my breath!)  There are chains to  make fine or substantial necklaces, bracelets, or whatever.  The best part is that the chains are mega affordable, and this shop sells retail. The selection is much better than that of the Chinese bead stores, and the prices are better, too.
Go in there and drool!


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