STACKABLE RINGS from Small Good Things blog

UPDATE: I tried to click through to this today, but got an error – if you can’t click on the ring link, then go to SMALLGOODTHINGS.COM  and search the tutorial pictures for it.

I’ve been very good, I think. I am a ring person. I love rings. I want to make more rings. (Okay, I love bracelets, and necklaces, and I want more of those, too, but I really really like rings) I’ve been very good and not just posted ring anthro stackable ringstutorials here recently. See what a good girl I’ve been!

Okay, so now I can’t stand it anymore. This Anthropology knock-off ring tutorial is so ridiculously easy you want to kick yourself for not having done it yourself.  Then, next, maybe, if you are like me, you are already thinking how you would change it (I’ve got 4 ideas)


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