Don’t we all need some of this now and again…. or now and NOW?  Robyn Harton, a very accomplished energy healer and crystal worker, among other things, posted this on her website, Crystals and  It is too good to just exerpt, so I am showing it to you here.

Hope is something that far too many people seem to be lacking today. Stress and anxiety about daily life, health, finances, and other things take their toll and can leave hope in the dust. Fortunately there are a number of crystals that can bring hope back into peoples’ lives.

Some are

  • amazonite
  • aquamarine
  • blue lace agate
  • candle quartz
  • celestite
  • chrysocolla
  • chrysoprase
  • citrine
  • dravite
  • emerald
  • epidote
  • garnet
  • hiddenite
  • lepidolite
  • lithium quartz
  • optical calcite
  • malachite
  • moonstone
  • Petoskey stone
  • pink manganocalcite
  • pink optical calcite
  • rainbow moonstone
  • sapphire
  • Swarovski crystals
  • topaz
  • tourmaline
  • white agate
  • yellow calcite

These crystals can be worn in jewelry, carried in a pocket or pouch, or placed in the environment to bring hope.

Robyn’s site has one of the best listings of metaphysical properties of crystals/stones, and her jewelry designs are superb – simple and elegant.


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