M&J’s DISAPPEARED BLOG! I asked them about that

I suddenly realized that I hadn’t heard from M&J Trimming in a while.  I mean, they had a nice blog, where they mentioned other blogs, and I got to get out and explore places I had never heard of, and learn new ideas, and post them here.

Yesterday, I saw an email from M&J Trimming, but when I opened it, it was about a “pay to join” monthly club, to receive project kits every month.  Not my style.

I wrote to M&J and asked where my blog announcements had gone and they told me I should subscribe (duh! I think the word is RE subscribe)

I re-subscribed, and I do hope that they will keep up the interesting information that they used to have.  (If they don’t, I promise 2 things – I will write back to them, and I will tell you about it)

I don’t mind that M&J are looking for new revenue sources, but I do find it annoying when they discontinue a community source which was very useful to folks out here in the real world, and, I would think, also, very potentially remunerative, in that people reading the ideas posted on the blog, particularly folks living away from major fashion areas (like NYC)  might be highly likely to browse M&J’s offerings online and actually purchase items mentioned on the blog.

If the blog is no longer available to the hoi-poloi” (as in: those of us who cannot lay about miscellaneous cash  for projects we might not be interested in), the loss will be felt around the world (I am often in contact with folks who have read about M&J via the blog, and want more information about it and how to get there, seeing as I am in NYC and have physical access to this wonderful store.



3 responses to “M&J’s DISAPPEARED BLOG! I asked them about that

  1. Hi, I am going to be in NYC next week and was looking for chains wholesaler when I stumbled upon your really wonderful site. So much helpful and interesting information!
    Do you happen to know which is the best seller of chains-great prices and a good selection?

  2. For chains, there are a lot of stores that have them — for base metal, I like Botani on West 36th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues on the north side. They have a lot of chains, which they sell by the yard. The prices are very competitive. The last time I looked, they had a sign in the window that said 20% off.
    There is also a place on the west side of 6th Avenue that has a lot of chains for reasonable prices (this is a Chinese store, so I would not trust them for the stones, but the metal chains are what they say they are). I don’t remember the name, but they are between 37th and 38th – the sign has Bead in the name. The chains are at the back of the store. The prices are competitive.

    If you are looking for real silver, the best selection and prices are at Metalliferous on 46th St between 5th and 6th Avenues (the exact address is on the NYC Jewelry Supply stores page at the top of my blog. For silver chains, if you want to take your chances, there is also Sterling Stone at 286 Fifth Avenue. I say that about taking your chances because twice chains I have bought there have turned out to be silver-plated copper. I have not had that problem with chains I have bought by the foot. I like this store because they are usually honest when you ask them about something (I say *usually* because, if you ask one of the Chinese employees, they may well just tell you whatever occurs to them at the moment, but, if you ask one of the Tibetan or Hispanic employees, you will probably get a realistic answer)

  3. Margaret, Thank you so much for taking the time to write back to me. It is highly appreciated. I plan to go to Metalliferous and pay a visit to CJS. Ziva


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