TO KNOT OR NOT: Stringing pearls and Swarovski (or other imitation) pearls

I saw an interesting question on the FireMountainGems newsletter, in which the writer, acknowledging that *real* pearls are knotted as they are strung, wondered it if it is necessary to knot Swarovski pearls, as well.

I was disappointed that the FMG responder missed the question – she proceeded to gush about different colors of silk which look nice knotted between the Swarovski pearls.

What I have always understood is that one knots between strung pearls to prevent loss, should the strand break. When I first started stringing pearls, I was taught that, if I were not going to knot, I should insert a silver or gold bead or spacer between the pearls.

Is it necessary to knot between Swarovski crystal pearls? Absolutely not!  Nevertheless, there is some perceived value when pearls (or other precious/semi-precious stones) are knotted.  If you want a more high-end look, it would be best to knot between the pearls. On the other hand, if you are creating your own design, you may insert other beads, or simply string the pearls straight onto your stringing material.


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