Once a favorite haunt of mine, MARGOLA, with its trays and trays of press Czech glass beads in every color, had moved out of the city to Englewood, NJ.

YORK BEADS is still on W. 37th St, although, because of their mega-remodeling, I almost missed them.  The place used to be like a dark den of mysteries, but, now, it has a brightly-lit “every small bead shop in Manhattan” atmosphere, with inviting displays in the window.  What I like about York is that their prices are reasonable, and their staff don’t lie to you, as the staff in some other bead shops along 37th St, between 5th & 6th Avenues are wont to do (I doubt I will ever go back to PHOENIX BEADS –  the Chinese woman I encountered to me lied to my face about some beads I happen to know about, and then tried to pass off some dyed howlite as turquoise.)

When you go into York Beads, it is because you are looking for Czech glass beads.  That is what you will find. Nothing more, nothing less. The staff will leave you alone if they think you are not going to buy, which is handy if you need to take it all in before you begin to make your selections. They do not hover, and the staff in the Chinese shops do. They do not force trays on you every time you touch a bead.


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