COOL BRACELET PROJECTS from great blogs: I Spy DIY and Honestly WTF

crisscross bracelet i spydiyI do keep posting I Spy DIY blog’s ideas from time to time, don’t I.  This time, it was a little harder to figure out how to get around the blog, and then post about what I had found.

I really like this “criss-cross bracelet, but I cannot find a way to link directly to a specific tutorial, so, here is how we do it:  You go to the link (which is a link to the “all projects page”, and you look at the top and find Jewelry DIY (of course, if you want to see other of her DIY ideas, you click on the appropriate name)

When you click knot chain bracelet i spy diyon the Jewely DIY, you will go to a page of pictures. When you see something you like, you click on the title below the picture.

I also like this knot/chain bracelet, which combines the idea of those “survival bracelets” with chain.

wire heart bracelet ispy diy

The other idea I liked on today’s tour was the wire heart bracelet which actually can give you a lot more ideas of what you can do. This blog is a good one to check out for other interesting DIY ideas. There is always something.

As long as I am on this sudden bracelet kick, I have revisited Honestly WTF gold tube braceletsblog.  She has her jewelry broken down into types, which makes it easier for me to find what I am looking for. You still have to scroll down to find what you are looking for, though I seriously love these gold tube bracelets.

I am going to have to break down and make something of my own soon (I haven’t been making things because I haven’t had a lot of money lately, and, of course, when you get a new idea, you think “outside the box” of what you already have.

Well, fortunately, my ideas are coming in shades of stuff that is already “in the boxes” of stuff I already have – I have copper wire in several sizes, brass wire in different sizes, and, as well, I have a goo bit of .925 wire that I have been saving fora rainy day


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