BOOK: BODY GUARD by Desmond Morris

I mentioned that I had gotten this book in my last post.

The reason I wanted it, and spent good food money ($5.00) to get it, is that I have been making a line of jewelry which I call BodyGuards, because the elements I use, i.e., the stones, and the metals, and, sometimes the shapes, are considered, in folklore, or else, metaphysically, to have protective properties. 

I figured that a respected socio-biologist such as Desmond Morris, might be on to something.  Actually, this is a lovely “coffee-table” book, mostly, however it does have some good information, and the pictures sure are pretty.

Morris touches on only a few stones (granted, they are the most popular ones for most people), but he does give a lot of background information.  He also goes into shapes, and other information.

If you are into talismans or charms or protective items, this is a very interesting and pretty book to have.  We might even consider it a beginner book on the topic (Although I have been working in this field for some time, I find this book useful, and am glad to have it).

If you want to go further though, you can look at other books on stones, or even just research “protection” stones on the Internet.


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