BALL POST AND EARRING WIRESBefore I learned the joys of making wire-wrapped jewelry, there was a magazine called Wire Artist Jeweler (it is claimed that it was the first wire-wrapped jewelry tutorial magazine).  Alas, by the time I became aware of it, it had ceased publication.  Happily, a while back, I discovered that someone had taken up the banner and, as wire-jewelry-lessons, was publishing tutorials from the magazine.  Sadly, I forgot about it, too.  They did not forget about me, however, and tonight, I received an email from wire-jewelry-lessons and decided to visit. Lo and behold, there were a number of interesting tutorials that I feel just about ready to try (this is the serious, measured, mashed, looks like something from a jewelry store kind of work)  

I decided to start with the free ball post and jewelry wire tutorial.

Daisy RingThe nice thing about this site is that, after  you Accent Earrings
purchase a tutorial, they save it on-site, so, if you forget about it, or if you lose your downloads somehow, you can go back and retrieve your tutorials (as a matter of fact, this happened to me. I Friendship banglehad ordered some paid tutorials quite a while back, and then gone through two computer crashes, and completely forgotten about Four-Bead Ringthese tutorials.  Fortunately, when I went to download my free earring tutorial, I saw the other tutorials listed, and was able to Simple heart earringsdownload them today.  What a nice benefit!  The pictures are of tutorials I had thought were Clementine, i.e., lost and gone forever! I am so happy to have them back!)  

 They have both free and paid tutorials; the paid ones are very reasonably priced.  Please check them out.


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