The West 37th Street “Bead Alley” is fast disappearing. Margola, a wonderful source for Czech crystals moved out (way out, to New Jersey), a good while back. Phoenix, which had a huge place on the corner of Fifth Ave, moved across the street and down the block a ways, into a tiny space, with less than half the former inventory.
The old-time hangers-on have been York Beads and Elvee Rosenberg/Gampel, but, now, Elvee Rosenberg has pulled out.

Elvee Rosenberg says they have moved into a warehouse space (but they don’t say where), and they say they are not yet set up to receive walk-in customers. If you are used to using them via the Internet, they are set up for that.



  1. Yes, the Garment Center is changing, but suppliers and designers are still strong. CJS Sales: Crafts, Jewelry Supplies (Vintage Warehouse) is on 36th Street http://www.cjssales.com and we are going strong serving as inspiration to designers and supplying wholesalers and retailers with high quality and unusual supplies. York Novelty Imports, 10 West 37th Street New York, NY 10018, is the leading importer of Czech beads in the U.S http://www.yorkbeads.com. On the retail side, Metaliferous is a full-service supplier of metal, tools, and supplies to jewelers, craftist, hobbyists, metal workers, sculptors, and everyone interested in metal working and jewelry http://www.metalliferous.com. Tinsel trading moved off 37th street, but is still alive and well on the upper east side http://www.tinseltrading.com

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