Okay, interestingly, the day before I go to court because the landlord hasn’t fixed things in my apartment, so.. lots of things, the super showed up willing to work, but he wanted *me* to move the sofa. Okay, I can do what two big fat guys can’t do, so I moved the sofa myself, and…… lo and behold! There was my copy of Love is in the Earth!  I’ve been looking for it ever so long, and it had gone off and hidden behind the sofa!

If you don’t know Love is in the Earth, you should definitely check it out. When I saw it the first time, I knew I had to have it, but it was way pricey even 25 years ago! (yep! that’ s how old my copy is!)  Interestingly, you can still get a new copy of the 1995 edition, the one I have, for about what I paid for it way back when!  There is a newer version which costs upwards of $80, but this book still works for me, and I’m sure it will work for you – it covers just about every stone you can find, and some surprise ones, as well (I discovered hypersthene a couple of years ago – no one was talking about it, but it was in LIITE. Almost anything I come up with is in there. 

What I like is that it gives the metaphysical qualities of the stones, as well as horoscope correspondences, and other information. Even with all the information you can find on the internet these days, I will still go to this book first, because it probably has everything I need, and, anyway, most times, when I go to a website, most times it turns out that they are referencing this book.

Best crystal book I have ever purchased (and I have scads of them!)

Thus, you can imagine how disturbed I have been over the year or so that I have not been able to find it (it should have been on the shelf with the crystal books!  Did the old roommate take it when she moved out?)  No, no subterfuge, other than that somehow the book went to hide behind the couch.  Now it is back.


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