amethyst ringI saw this ring on “ana silver” on ebay, and I could not resist. It is a rough amethyst cabuchon (it seems to be coated with something to give it a silky surface), set in sterling silver.  I thought it looked big, but this thing is HUGE. It sits on my ring finger and covers half of my little finger.   I like big, but this is BIG even for me.  I mean, I like it, but it will take some getting used to.  Anyway, I can do with some amethyst on my body right about now.

Not too long ago, I read a comment by one of those famous elegant rich society ladies (can’t remember exactly who), where she said that, if your hands are no longer exactly as beautiful as you wish they might be, wear a stupendous ring, and no one will notice.  I think this is that kind of ring. It is definitely an eye-catcher, at about the size of the old silver dollars.

With the shipping, it cost only @$22.00, so it was a deal.

I will say this about Ana Silver: I have bought several pieces from them, and I have never been disappointed.  (all too often, you see something on ebay, you bid, and you wind up with a piece of garbage, but this company sends you what they say they are going to send you).  My skin is very sensitive, to the point that, if I put something on, I will know within the hour whether it is real silver or gold.  Additionally, I am sensitive to stones, so I generally know when something is real or not, just by holding it. Everything I have ever ordered from Ana Silver has turned out to be sterling and the real stone.  (no, they are not paying me to say this – I just read comments online about getting ripped off by ebay sellers, which I do, personally, know happens, especially if you try to do business with Chinese merchants on ebay, and, then, I received this ring in the mail today, and it is so real, so magnificent, so what they said they would send, that I had to speak out)



  1. Nice ring!!! I’ve always liked amethyst and that is a beauty!! Thanks for mentioning AnaSilver; I’m always looking for gifts and they have some interesting pieces.

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