I was on the B train, coming home from dinner, and a woman sat down in the seat facing next to me. She crossed her legs and kicked me inadvertently.  I looked over to tell her “that’s okay!” with a smile, even though she hadn’t apologized, but then I saw her beautiful necklace.  Still smiling, I said “Your necklace is gorgeous!”  At first she looked cross – I suppose she was expecting me to chew her out for kicking me, but then she heard my words, and a big smile crossed her face, and she said, “Thanks! I made it!” Then, she told me she thought my bracelets were beautiful, and I said, “Thanks! I made them!” Then we both laughed, and we talked about sources for jewelry making until my stop came up.

You do that, too, don’t you? I mean, you do say “Thanks! I made it!” when someone compliments something you’ve made, don’t you?  You should!

One of my favorite DIY blogs is called Thanks! I Made It


One response to “THANKS! I MADE IT!

  1. Yea, I have. I have even started looking into business cards for when people ask for advice or services.

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