About 6 weeks ago, I tore one of my earlobes. The dermatologist suggested that the tear might heal in abbout a month, but I did not want to go a month without earrings, so I came up with  a solution for non-clip, non-pierced earrings that can be worn comfortably.

imageFor the  the first pair, the experiment, I just used 18 gauge copper wire from the hardware store.  I  cut 12 inches of copper wire.  Then I made the smallest loop I could on one end.  Then, I held the looped end against my head, near where the ear starts its curve, and bent the wire around the back of my ear, trying to follow the shape of the back of my ear.  I brought the wire up maybe 1/2  inch to the front where the earlobe attaches to my face.   I  decided where the middle of the coil should land on my ear, in order to make big coils which would look like earrings and also cover the tear.  Then I coiled the rest of the wire around, and made a small loop on the end, which I pressed into the coil. (I am no photographer, and don’t have anyone handy who can photograph the earrings on me, but you can google elf ear cuffs, and get an idea — the difference is that the only parts of the ear wrap are the little loop at the start, and the part where the wire comes up to the front, around the earlobe)

imageI made a second pair silver wire and  8mm beads, where I did the earlobe wrap part, then fed the bead on, and wrapped the wire around it, ending with a small  loop.

After I made the first earring, I bent the wire for the second earring using the first one as a guide. Surprise! I found that my ears were different.  No biggie! The 18 gauge wire is soft enough to bend, so I just altered it slightly to make it fit more comfortably.

When I put these on, I put the hook over my ear first (making sure not to catch any hair under it, then I bring the bottom part forward, and pull my earlobe to the side through the bottom bend, and position the “earring” part as I want it (My main goal is to cover the tear, so the “front part” is kind of big, i.e., these do not look like tiny studs).  

I’ve been thinking about ways to elaborate these, and make them fancier.  The easiest option would be to work in a small loop at the bottom of the coil, and then add a dangle. Then, too, I have the “daring” (for me) idea of adding a little dangle to the loop that rests against the front of of my ear near the top of my cheek bone.


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