I’m getting back into it. To date, I’ve made 7 bracelets!  It was slow going… I couldn’t figure out what was stopping me, and, then, one day, I looked at the necklace I was wearing, and knew!  I needed to wire!  In the space of 2 weeks,  I made 4 bracelets! (I made the other three with beading wire. Although I like the feel of that kind of bracelet, I think the work I was doing was too heavy for it: 1 fell off and was lost, 1 fell off and part of the clasp was lost, but I caught the bracelet, and the other fell off at home, so I still have it and all of the parts.)

Sadly, closed its doors last year, and there went all of the tutorials I had bought through them (safe and re-accessible is only good as long as the company is safe and re-accessible). My bad! I was out of touch, and so missed the announcement. Oh well.

I’ve been looking at the sites of people whose tutorials I had bought before my computer crashed and died. I really like the work of Abby Hook (, Donna Spadafore ( ), and Nicole Hanna ( Each of these artists also writes wonderful tutorials, so we can learn to make something like what they have made (although my stuff only turns out to look as if I  had once seen something by them, and then set about to make it in my sleep a few years later).  I’ve actually sent off for Abby Hook’s book, hoping that it will have some of the tutorials which I’ve lost.

The most exciting thing is that I went to my storage and got out almost all of my bead stash (which has been in storage for about 3 years). Wow! That was like having an unlimited gift card to my favorite bead store!  So many beautiful stone/crystal beads… many of which have so risen in price that I could only dream about them now.  Oh! Lapis! Turquoise! Amethyst! Malachite! Aqua Aura crystal! Azurite! Sugilite! Pyrite! Chrysocolla! Amazonite! A whole box of tourmaline – most of it beautiful black tourmaline beads of various sorts! and more…..

As soon as I can figure out how to use the camera on my phone, I’ll post some pics of the things I’ve made.


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