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I’m excited to learn this information.  On the one hand, I have been leaning toward working  with brass and copper, and this is one more reason.  Then, again, sometimes I just wonder , because I have very sensitive skin, what’s going on with the materials I use.

Brass, copper, and silver have been found to be self-disinfecting, and have the ability to inactivate such bacteria as E. Coli and staphylococcus.

Take brass, for example. Because brass has been found to automatically disinfect itself within 8 hours, and destroys 99% of fungi it comes into contact with within 6 hours, brass door handles/openers or doorknobs are popular options for healthcare facilities.

Copper will destroy mold completely within 6 hours of contact. Its disinfecting properties take effect within 15 minutes after contact

Silver is a common material for water storage tanks, and such, because it disinfects bacteria cells in water within as little as 12 hours.

.On the other hand, bacteria can survive on stainless steel, the most commonly-used material for hospital equipment, as well as equipment used in food processing, will survive for up to 30 days.

Adapted from article


MY NEW BRACELETS: Yes, I have been making things!

MARBLE COPPER BANGLEOver the past few weeks, probably to work off stress, I have been making bracelets.  I have used “therapeutic stones” to make all of the bracelets I have made, but, still, I have given an eye to color, design, and style (your mileage may vary).  These are very simple bracelets, but they have turned out ROSE QUARTZ COPPER BANGLE 25to be eye-catching (as in: people comment on them, even when I have 4 stacked on one arm).

The bracelets I’m making are “bangles”, in that they aren’t “slinky”, like bracelets strung with jewelry wire.  I’ve made each one by first making a big loop BLACK AGATE COPPER BANGLE 25on the end of a piece of 18 gauge wire, then threading the beads onto the wire.  With my first two bracelets, at the end, I made another loop and added a purchased lobster clasp.  With the latest ones, LEPIDOLITE LAPIS BRASS BANGLE 2however, I have made hooks at the end, to form “self-clasps”  (ah! free from buying stuff until the wire runs out!)

Along the way, I have run into problems. For example: the first bracelet, which I made from big blue-dyed marble chips turned out to be to short. I connected a copper coil I had left over from when I was learning how to use the Coiling Gizmo, with a copper jump ring to loop at the end of the beads. Voila! Saved beautiful bracelet! 

When I made the agate bracelet, the third one shown, it turned out to be too big. I had made a loop at one end, and a self-hook at the other end. I cut off the loop, removed 4 beads, and made a new loop.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be too short then.  I pouted for a couple of days, then took a piece of copper wire, made a loop, connected it to the end loop of the bracelet, wrapped the wire twice, then made another loop big enough to accept the hook, and wrapped the end of the wire around the bottom of the hook.

What I am saying is: sometimes, you come up with a fabulous creation.  Then again, sometimes it seems you’ve crashed and burned, but you can find a way to make it better

These bracelets are so easy, and so pretty, that I am going to start a new line. I mean, I can make up a bracelet in 1/2 hour, so the only cost, really, is the cost of the components. Expensive beads and wire will of course cost more. At the same time,  On the other hand, if I choose cheaper wire, say, silver-plated wire, or “craft wire”, or  brass or copper, I can lower the price of my work (I will still charge for my design and labor!)


WRAPPED & READY WIRE RING from Craft and Repeat blog

wire wrap ring craft and repeat dot comeThis is an easy-to-make cute ring idea that I can see doing up in all sorts of ways, perhaps even weaving the spiral bands together in some way, either partially or fully.  

BTW, when I was at the blog, someone was asking for what to do about having craft wire turn on you.  Here is my experience:  With silver-coated craft wire, as with silver-plate, the silver is going to wear off eventually.  I, personally, think the effect of the silver/copper effect is nice, so I await it, but, if you want to sell things, you might want to change to a wire that will not change (other than to, possibly, oxidize).

I like copper wire for its healing and magnifying properties – it is said to be good for arthritis and rheumatism, as well as for blood disorders. It is also supposed to magnify the effects of silver and gold, as well as any stone you use it with (that’s good enough for me – I’ve decided I like the color)

Brass wire is also nice – it is very close to gold, in color (I can wear it with 18K gold pieces, and most think I have another gold piece.)  Since brass contains copper, it also has the qualities of copper, and it is said to attract wealth, as well.  (I’m in!)

JUMP RING BRACELET from Stripes and Sequins

JUMP RING BRACELETI found this jumpring bracelet on Stripes and Sequins blog. It is cute and too easy, but… where do you get the rope?  I guess I just don’t get out and about enough.

WOVEN CHAIN COLLAR NECKLACE TUTORIAL: Got an hour to make a smashing gift in?

NECKLACE woven chain rhinestone collarPOST #112
Looking for a quickie “bling-type” elegant gift (or something fine to wear to that holiday party?)  Check out this Woven Chain Collar Necklace tutorial from

Honestly, has a lot of interesting DIY ideas. I’ve mentioned a number of them in past tutorials. It’s worth checking out all of their tutorials when you have more time.

BAR NECKLACE TUTORIAL: Quickie gift idea, for sure!

NECKLACE brass bar POST #111
Oh my gosh! It’s December 5th already, and you don’t have all the presents yet!  I’ve just  been trolling the DIY sites and found this  “bar necklace tutorial “: a VERY easy solution from Stripes &  for at least a couple of gifts (basically, all you need is time to get to a hardware store, time to get to a store that sells chain by the foot or by the yard, a clasp, a couple of jump rings, and about 5 minutes with a wire cutter, and jewelry pliers, to make a cute necklace).

I’m thinking you could even get fancy with little added effort, adding big-hole beads, or crystals….


The Whole Bead Show comes to NYC this weekend! It starts on Friday, 4/23.  Luckily, I get paid the day before!  Fortunately for my pocketbook, I can only go on Friday, but, fortunately, the show will be open when I get off work in the early afternoon. (it’s going to be a tight day on Friday, what with the Hunger Games starting, and the New Life Expo starting also — I know people think we here in New York lead very busy lives, but, actually, these are the only 3 events I have had planned at all this year — how come things can’t come spread out nice-like, so I can have something to do 3 different weekends.  Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers, and when it rains, it pours.  Why, you might wonder, am I trying to cram it all into a Friday afternoon?  Easy— I work every day, and all day on the weekend, so Friday afternoon is my weekend)  

I wish I could remember for you the specific displays I want to visit, but…  well, there’s a store out of Martha’s Vineyard that sells a lot of interesting silver and other stuff.  There’s another store that sells plated brass beads for cheap.  There’s a fellow who wears a lot of jewelry and sells very nice stones at reasonable prices, usually with a story to tell.  The name I do remember is Star’s Clasps. I always have to check them out.  

At any rate, I know who the vendors are, and I will find them first, and, then, if I still have some money left over, I will browse the Chinese and Indian vendors.  

I’ll tell you who I bought from and what I got in my next post.

I am so excited that this show is coming to town! (and the good thing is it is only about 6 blocks from the movie theater where the Hunger Games will be, so I might be able to do the show and run out and matinee — the time doesn’t really matter because *I have a free ticket*)

PS – this show is a big deal for me, because it is the only one I ever get to attend (I am usually on vacation when the other ones come)