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SNOW! Sitting at home looking at beads!

It’s snowing to beat the band! Not big pretty fluffy snow, just relentless little bitty snowflakes. My New York City street is covered. Just as well! I want to make something today.

Product DetailsI got Abby Hook’s book Wire Jewelry Master Class in the mail yesterday. Stayed up looking through it, reading the really clear instructions, thinking about what I’m willing to do, what I might do right away, and what I’ll probably never do, even though I wish I could bring myself to do it. Then, of course, thinking about how I could get away with not doing what she says to do and still get a similar look. Then thinking about what she shows, and what I probably will actually do. Woo! Tired myself out just looking! Then woke up this morning and started again.

I’m very happy with this book, excited to have it. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if the book included the two tutorials (KrissKross ring and Kriss Kross bracelet) I had bought from Abby back when jewelrylessons.com was in business and before my computer crashed and died, taking with it my precious hoard of tutorials. I bought several of Abby’s tutorials, but these are the ones I’d really like to have back. The book does have another tutorial that I had bought, which now looks like something I might like to do. Oh well. Never mind! There is so much information in this book! Then, there are all the pretty pictures. This may be the best jewelry-making book I’ve ever bought.

I actually saw my prehnite/amethyst/silver bracelet in bright sunlight yesterday. I hadn’t realized that the colors were actually so brilliant!  Now, I want to make a similar necklace with the prehnite and amethyst left over from the bracelet. I haven’t had a new necklace in quite some time. This will be simple. I think I’ll make some figure eight connectors, as I’m out of jump rings, and I’ll make a stab at making my own S-hook clasp, to jazz it up a little.

SO MANY DIY JEWELRY SITES! It’s amazing! Just google DIY jewelry to see what is out there!

Okay, call me dim!  Up to now, I’ve depended on “happening upon” jewelry tutorial sites, but, for some amazing reason, I just got the insanely brilliant idea to google DIY jewelry, and was amazed at how much you can find out there.  Oh, gosh! Now, you’re going to go there, and the amazing things I find will be old hat to you next week!  Never mind!  I’ll continue to curate what I think is cool, until I make a new thing myself and post that.

WTF TUTORIAL: Proenza Shouler type Rope Necklace

More from WTF..DIY… This cute necklace is easy enough to make following the tutorial.

WTF TUTORIAL: Embellished Box Braid Necklace

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We used to do these box braid things in the Girl Scouts, and when we were hippies, but they are back in a new way. This WTF tutorial for a box braid necklace is pretty cool.

INNOVATIVE BEAD SHOW -NYC, 5/4 -5/6– Well, it is a bead show

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Okay, bead shows are few and far between in New York City (wouldn’t you think, being the Crossroads of the World, we should have more bead shows? I mean…???  )  So we’re hungry for bead shows, whatever they involve.  This is one of those.  I think this is the first time the Innovative Bead Show has come to town (I certainly haven’t heard of it before. I picked up on it through a “meetup” group that I can never attend).  I corraled a pal at work to go down there with me. I figured, “hey! $5 for a couple of hours of walking around looking at whatever there is” would be good entertainment on a Friday afternoon.

This bead show was smaller than the usual local bead society show.  I did see an “old favorite” — Kabela, a vendor who comes to the bead society shows and has really cool, nice, sturdy filigree items — things you don’t normally see, which are quite sturdy, not like the flimsy filigree you see in the Chinese stores here.  They design their pieces, which are brass based, and are also available in copper-plated, silver-plated, and, recently, gold-plated.  These designs are quite nice.  I could easily trade a couple of pay-checks on their pieces.

I also saw Ancient Moon, some Chinese folks who come out with glass beads and neckwires to attach them to (we can find such things for not much more in any number of stores in Manhattan, but I like Ancient Moon because they sell “kits” with materials and instructions on how to make pretty things that lots of people like, and, also, because they are a lot friendlier than most other Chinese vendors)

I didn’t recognize any of the other vendors, and the only one I might have like to buy from in the future does not have an on-line presence, and I do not go where the subway does not take me, except when I am going down South to see my family (yippee! Reunion on the Rappahannock River in Virginia of cousins on my father’s side is the end of this month! The nasty 9-hour bus-ride will be totally worth it, and then I will get to spend a few days with my folks before I have to head back North to Yankee territory)

Still, if you are bead starved, you will find something to love at this show.

New Ideas… Excitement

Several things have happened all at the same time. I received a copy of the Winter issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, and I received three strings of beads I had won on ebay. One strand is little black tourmaline “rice” beads, and the other two are amazonite with black tourmaline and pyrite (I have heard it called “black stripe amazonite”). I have some big rectangles of this stone, which I am waiting to figure out what to do with, but these are little flat ovals and coins, and my mind is already turning over ideas. (right now I am plotting a ring, which I have never seen the likes of, and I am thinking of using a similar size cuprite/chrysocolla, or something else that will go well with brass, and making the ring with brass first before I go for the silver/amazonite/black tourmaline one. This will be the first time ever that I make a test piece before just plunging in and making what I want. Am I nervous? or just prudent?

Whatever… I have two days off to figure out how to do this thing, and I am broke, so it’s just me, the tv, the wire, and the dream now.

This issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry is not all that breathtaking, if truth be told. I was really excited about this magazine when it came out, and the first couple of issues were jam packed with really cool things, but it seems that lethargy has taken hold or something…. this one was on the lackluster side. I can get inspiration from the boring, however, so I am still poring over it — I love the ads in this magazine, and I have gotten lots of ideas about what I want to buy and where I can get it. If nothing else, the ad list is useful — I have just spent four hours going through the sites whose ads I had marked and deciding which of those belong in my blog links for their ideas and tutorials… I have added more links to the links page. Since I have subscribed to the magazine, I sure do hope it will be more exciting in coming issues.

I have found some interesting sites with tutorials and design ideas, and I have I have added them to my Links page. I have also added some to drool for links to the Jewelry-Making Supplies page. (some sites have wound up on both pages). The best ones, by me, are the clasp suppliers.  (I have not included the supplier who carries $200 clasps. If you think that is a do-able  price, you will have to find her by yourself)

BLOG DROOL: today’s favorite artist

I do have this secret hidden thing for chain maille. The only problem is I am a little lazy – I want results and I am still working on my patience bone (ha! she says, as she sheepishly looks at all her coiled work– at least, when I am coiling, I can talk to it, and scream at it — so much for Eni Oken’s suggestion that it is zen-like–I’m apparently not that spiritually advanced yet, or else I have taken Zen to a new level– OM.) I have made my first and only chain maille design twice, once for me, and once for my mom, and when my niece asked me for one, I gave her mine (oh!! how I miss it!!) rather than make another one (okay, I admit that I am still holding one more of those clasps for the day when I do decide to sit down and make one for me again).

I do love to visit other people’s chain maille sites and see what they are doing. Today, I visited http://bobbiwired.blogspot.com/ where I saw some very drool-ful chain maille work, so I went to that site and drooled for almost an hour, and then came back here to tell you about it.

I went to MailleMystique’s Etsy shop.

Here are the things I saw and drooled over.

etsymaillemystique-classic-braceletThis is a nice simple bracelet. Who knew that such a simple design could be called chainmaille.

etsymaillemystique-diamond-ice-braceletI think I might like to try to make one of these when I am feeling patient. I wonder if I could make it double in width. It looks strong enough.

etsymaillemystique-helm-parallel-weave-braceletThis one has really got my juices flowing. Drool. Drool. Drool some more. I start thinking of all sorts of ways I could twist this to do what I want it to do. It is also one that makes me just want to go back and visit maillemystique some more.etsymaillemystique-interesting-weave

Here is the picture that originally got me to go to maillemystique’s site in the first place. I saw it on http://bobbiwired.blogspot.com/
and it started me drooling so that I had to go to MailleMystique. Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately), I did not see it when I got there (or else I might have bought it, and then not had enough money to buy Christmas presents). I think this looks like something I want to make. etsymaillemystique-olivie-weave-bracelet

Here is another pretty bracelety weave that caught my eye.

etsymaillemystique-oriental-chain-mail-bracelet1this is an oriental chain maille weave, which I find interesting — at first, when I heard of these, I thought the guy was just showing off that he had a Japanese wife – he kept saying it was a Japanese maille that his Japanese wife made (my ‘Japanese room-mate keeps using vegetables we have and telling me they are” Japanese potatoes”, or whatever, or making normal spaghetti and telling me it is Japanese noodles, so I am immediately suspicious.

etsymaillemystique-original-weave-bracelet1I would probably never make or wear anything like this, but I do like it. I particularly like the stiff look of it.


Oh, drool city!!! I just love this ring!!!. If it had been available in the right size immediately on the website, I would never be here posting my favorite things I have seen today. I would be waiting for it to come to my mailbox. Such a cutie.