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I finished it! Jenna spied the tigers-eye necklace I was wearing, pointed, and said, “I like that one!”  Well, that was mine, but I promised to make her one. Went on Amazon that evening, and ordered 10 mm and 6 mm strands and armed myself with brass jumprings and a nice brass clasp. I had strung it all together, when I realized it needed something, so I got some black obsidian beads from my stash, and voila!  When I took it to her, she was wearing brown, which actually showed the beads nicely when she put on the necklace. Yea!

jenna neck red tigerseye obsidian gold



Since the move, I’ve been making pieces here and there, and, finally, I took some photos.
IMG_20180518_104836            IMG_20180518_104824
On the left is a black labradorite that I wired into a pendant when I felt that my new chunky magnesite and pyrite necklace (R) needed something more.

neck sterling beads remake         IMG_20180518_105123
Sterling necklace          Sterling necklace/
amethyst clasp

neck coral rondelles            neck coral rondelles and silver
Coral “slices” & silver      Coral rondelles & silver

neck turquoise pyr bl tourm                 neck lapis tubes and silver
turquoise/pyrite/                     lapis tubes & silver
black tourmaline
neck mag sm quartz silver                              neck mag sm quartz pyr silver
Mangesite/smokey quartz/             Magnesite/pyrite/smokey quartz necklace              sterling/necklace

SNOW! Sitting at home looking at beads!

It’s snowing to beat the band! Not big pretty fluffy snow, just relentless little bitty snowflakes. My New York City street is covered. Just as well! I want to make something today.

Product DetailsI got Abby Hook’s book Wire Jewelry Master Class in the mail yesterday. Stayed up looking through it, reading the really clear instructions, thinking about what I’m willing to do, what I might do right away, and what I’ll probably never do, even though I wish I could bring myself to do it. Then, of course, thinking about how I could get away with not doing what she says to do and still get a similar look. Then thinking about what she shows, and what I probably will actually do. Woo! Tired myself out just looking! Then woke up this morning and started again.

I’m very happy with this book, excited to have it. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if the book included the two tutorials (KrissKross ring and Kriss Kross bracelet) I had bought from Abby back when jewelrylessons.com was in business and before my computer crashed and died, taking with it my precious hoard of tutorials. I bought several of Abby’s tutorials, but these are the ones I’d really like to have back. The book does have another tutorial that I had bought, which now looks like something I might like to do. Oh well. Never mind! There is so much information in this book! Then, there are all the pretty pictures. This may be the best jewelry-making book I’ve ever bought.

I actually saw my prehnite/amethyst/silver bracelet in bright sunlight yesterday. I hadn’t realized that the colors were actually so brilliant!  Now, I want to make a similar necklace with the prehnite and amethyst left over from the bracelet. I haven’t had a new necklace in quite some time. This will be simple. I think I’ll make some figure eight connectors, as I’m out of jump rings, and I’ll make a stab at making my own S-hook clasp, to jazz it up a little.


leather stone spacer necklaceI found this tutorial at For the Makers . (For the Makers is a subscription site that sends you a box with all the materials and instructions to make whatever they are offering. That’s pretty cool!)  Meanwhile, I was just looking at free tutorials, and this one is right there, and really easy to do.  Check it out.


MALEFICENT NECKLACEI found this “knock-off”  Maleficent necklace  tutorial on allfreejewelrymaking.com.   If I were to make it, I’d probably put in some bigger stones/beads, but it does look worthy all on its own.


ispy gem statementnecklaceSo I found this nifty necklace tutorial pictured on Handmade Jewelry Club’s site , clicked on it, and got sent to Better Homes and Gardens’ Style Blog , where I found out that this tutorial is really from I Spy DIY’s blog.   Interesting trip around the Internet to realize that I haven’t been paying proper attention to some of the cool blogs I have found.


BEAUTIFUL SILVER WRAPPED PENDANT TUTORIAL from domestic-divaonline.com blog

silver hug pendantWhile I was at domestic-divaonline.com, I took a look around and found this lovely fresh creative free wire-wrap tutorial for a bead pendant.  Can’t you just see more ways that you could do this?  Isn’t it exciting?

While you are at domestic-divaonline.com, do check out her other tutorials.  There are some interesting ones that I am not ready for right now (so I haven’t posted them), that you might like.