It’s exciting to see so many sites offering tutorials for free, or else for fee (normally reasonable).  These days, it is hard to keep up with all the places you can get tutorials, either for free or for fee.

Here are some sites that I know of, and have used,  which offer tutorials, some free, some for a nominal fee.  There’s no real order in the list. Periodically, I go through to check the links. The tutorials listings are current as of 5/29/18.

 Eni Oken Even though JewelryLessons.com went out of business in 2016, Eni’s fabulous tutorials are still  available for very reasonable prices on her website, as well as on her Etsy site. (for fee)

As for the other tutorials that were on Jewelry Lessons, you have to figure out who wrote them, then search out that person (for example, I know that I loved the work of Nicole Hanna, Donna Spadafore, and Abby Hook, so I had to go search them out). 

ABBY HOOK – interesting ideas, clear PDF tutorials. She also has a breathtaking book of tutorials. (for fee)

DIANE KARG BARON   reasonably priced wonderful original designs (free and for fee)

NICOLE HANNAamazing work, detailed PDF tutorials. She also has free video tutorials. (pdf tutorials for fee)

DONNA SPADAFOREbeautiful designs, good PDF tutorials (there are even some free PDF tutorials at the bottom of her tutorial page) (free and for fee)

STUDIO HEATH (REMY HEATH) very unusual glorious ideas, not seen elsewhere (for fee)

DOMESTIC DIVA (GLORIA UHLER – a number of interesting tutorials, and she keeps adding more.(free)

CRAFTSY.COMall sorts of jewelry (and other) tutorials from an amazing assortment of providers (A lot of the tutorial providers from the old jewelrylessons.com site have decamped to this venue). You can purchase and/or download your choices one by one, or you can investigate their “membership” deals (free and for fee)

DIYLESSONS.ORG interesting ideas (for fee)

HANDMADE JEWELRY CLUB  interesting ideas (for fee)

ALL FREE JEWELRY MAKING free tutorials of all sorts.

WIRE JEWELER unusual interesting ideas, some tutorials for free, others for very reasonable fees.

BEADUCATION very different ideas, not seen elsewhere, pricier than other tutorial sites, but worth a visit (The pdf tutorials are “for fee”, but the on-line video tutorials are free, and there are a number of interesting ones)

BRACELET TUTORIALS   ideas I have found on youtube.

FREE: Jewelry Making Journal – free interactive newsletter with ideas and free tutorials. Great collection of free tutorials on the site.

FREE: Wire Jewelry.com – wide assortment of free tutorials for all different styles of wire-working, from a variety of well-known contributors 

FREE: BEADING GEM scads of tutorials for all sorts of jewelry-making. Also links that take you to other places with more tutorials.

FREE: HAPPY MANGO BEADS assortment of simple tutorials. (This is a vendor, so, of course, they have links to their products… still, the tutorials are *free*

FREE: Wigjig University –good site for beginners. free instructions, techniques and jewelry making projects, using their device, the WigJig.

FREEJEWELRYMAKING.ABOUT.COM techniques for various different kinds of jewelry making

FREE: MyBeads – various interesting tutorials

FREE: http://members.optusnet.com.au/felicityrodda/thelaide/cabachon3.html A simple border wrap pendant.

FREE: Rockhounds.com instruction on wrapping a faceted pendant that does away with claws.

FREE: Flight of FancyWire Wrap Woven Pendant. There are two parts to this tutorial

FREE: Beadshop.com –various jewelry projects.

FREE: http://www.wiredupbeads.com/Tutorials /Wire-Working-Tutorials

FREE: Marie Cristine Jewelry – Egyptian Coil Bracelet Tutorial

FREE: Art Bead Scene Blog – Garden Gate Clasp

FREE: StudioDax – Several tutorials here

FREE and FOR-FEE: Remy Heath– Wonderful wire-wrapping designs, tutorials both free and for-a-fee

FREE and FOR-FEE: Wire Jewelry Lessons: interesting, detailed tutorials. They also have back issues of the old Wire Artist Jeweler magazine

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