Here is a listing of the New York City jewelry supply stores I know of.  I have divided it into three sections: STORES I FREQUENT,  STORES I KNOW OF, and OTHER STORES


45 W 29th Street, #402 (btw Broadway & 6th Ave)
New York, New York
vast selection of drilled fresh-water pearls; precious and semi-precious, glass, and shell beads; and sterling silver beads and findings  Some of the harried, very busy store personnel  can sometimes tell you what the stones are.  *With the new downsized store, most beads are clearly marked with type and price-list per size. The pearl selection is not nearly as extensive as it once was.

34 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
212-944-0909, Fax 944-0644
Base Metal Catalog, Vol. 2 $4.00, New Silver Catalog $4.00, both for $7.50.
Metal beads and findings: brass, copper, rich low, nickel silver, sterling silver, niobium, pewter, aluminum; sheet, wire, circles, rod, tube, stampings, machine brass parts, patterned brass strip, hoops, solders, casting alloys, enameling shapes and supplies. Although the store can get extremely busy, if you have questions about how to do something, even the most simple thing, most of the staff are very patient and willing to help out. I love this store.

545 Fifth Ave. Suite 1000
New York, NY 10017
between 5th and Madison Avenues, entrance on 45th Street)
Gold, silver, and gold filled beads, beading supplies.

146 W. 26th St.
(btw Sixth and Seventh Aves)
New York, NY 10001
212- 675-3065

Open 11am to 7pm, 7 days a week (new expanded hours!)
This is not exactly a jewelry supply store, but if you are looking for nice undrilled tumbled stones, or crystal points for wire wrapping, it is definitely an interesting place to visit.  They also seem to have more of a metaphysical gemstone focus.

390 Fifth Ave, Ste 411, (btw W.36th &W.37th Sts) NYC
This is a wholesale warehouse filled to the rafters with vintage beads of all sorts, Swarovskis, Japanese glass, plastic, wood, glass pearls, chain…. you name it, if you dig long enough, you may well find it.  Go there in clothes you can get dirty and carry hand cleaner – you will get dirty.  You must have a TIN to buy here.  Minimum purchase $100 (I don’t know if they still do “Purchases under $100 are cash only”).

57 W.38th St., NYC
Lots of glass beads, base metal findings and charms. Impressive selection of cords and base metal chains. They do sell some stones, but these may be incorrectly marked (and/or deceptive), or not marked at all. Clerks don’t speak much English, and don’t necessarily know what is what.

989 Sixth Ave., NYC
Large selection of glass beads, base metal findings and charms. Fair selection of cords and base metal chains. They do sell some stones, but these may be incorrectly marked (and/or deceptive), or not marked at all. Clerks don’t speak much English, and don’t necessarily know what is what. Employees can be rather rude.


6th Ave. btw 36th and 37th
Japanese-style bead shop. Mostly deals in onesies of costume-jewelry type beads.  Staff has limited English, so don’t go there to ask how-to questions. This store is rather pricey.


Sixth Ave. btw  37th and 38th Sts.
mostly single beads, some strands.  Higher priced than some others. Chinese proprietors do not necessarily truthfully represent what the stones are.

16 E 17th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 620-0642
Exotic beads

4 Rivington St.
New York, NY
Exotic beads and other exciting things

1027 Sixth Ave.
New York, NY
Single beads, some strands. Higher priced than some others. Chinese proprietors do not necessarily truthfully represent what the stones are.

102 W. 38th Street
This is not a bead store, per se, but, when you enter, you will see a small assortment of beads and findings (not like you find in the Chinese bead stores, even though this is a Chinese outfit).  Walk in further, and you find strings of rhinestones (for sale by the yard), all sorts of things you might co-opt into jewelry items (or else anything else you are up to making).  At the back of the store, you find cords mixed in with yarns, lace, trims, and some other interesting things (I have to tour the whole store each time to see what new things they have, or what things I have missed previously).  The staff do speak English, so, if you can get someone’s attention, you can ask for the particular thing you are looking for and they will do their best to produce it or convince you that what they have produced is it!)  I’d say, on the whole, this is a friendly shop, with all sorts of possible jewelry-making things, with helpful but not intrusive employees.  


5111 4 th Avenue
Brooklyn , NY 11220

718-259-9224, Fax 718-259-9090, 1-800-MODE(6633)-527
Direct importer and manufacturer, Bohemian Glass, buttons, pearls, Czech glass beads, glass beaded jewelry. Strictly wholesale with a minimum $250 per order of combined merchandise.

BEADS ON 4th:  Retail outlet of Mode International, on the 2nd floor of the Mode International offices. No minimum required. Open Monday to Friday.

38 West 48 Street
Suite 1004 New York, NY 10036
Toll Free: 1-888-391-GEMS (4367)

Bead House (NY) LLC
12 Rewe Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Dikra Gem Inc.
56 W. 45th St, Ste 1005
New York,  (NY)

DRS Jeweler’s Department Store
56 W. 47th Street
New York,  (NY) 10036
Tools, jewelry manufacturing supplies and accessories, findings, colored stones and beads.

Eastern Findings Corp.
116 County Courthouse Road
Garden City Park,  (NY) 11040
(one block from Merillon Avenue Long Island Rail Road Station)
base metal (brass, copper, etc.) beads and findings

Emaco Co., Inc.
48 W. 48th Street, Suite 600
New York,  (NY) 10036
Beads, cabochons, semi-precious shaped beads.

Exquisite Beads
40A West 37th Street  (btw 5th and 6th )
New York,  NY
Gemstone, semi-precious stone, freshwater pearl, m.o.p (shell), coral, turquoise, findings, gemstone jewelry.

Himalayan Crafts
2007 Broadway
New York,  NY
full-service bead shop specializing in antique African Trade beads.

Lavaliere Sterling and Stones, Inc.
1006 Sixth Ave.
New York,  NY
(between 37th and 38th)

Lucky Gems and Jewelry Factory
1220 Broadway, 3rd fl.
New York,  (NY) 10001
Manufacturers of semi-precious stones, faceted beads and fresh water pearls.

Ross Metals
54 W. 47th Street
New York, NY
Wire and Plate, Castings, Findings, Solder, Chain.
Probably wholesale

Shri Impex Inc
17 W 45th Street # 404
New York,  NY
silver beads, gemstones, cut stones and silver jewelry –

Stone USA, Inc.
1204 Broadway Suite#301
1170 Broadway Ste 1011-1014.
New York,  NY

Taj Co.
42 W. 48th Street, Room 203
New York,  NY 10036
Beads, semi-precious beads, precious gems.




  2. Hello,

    I was wondering if you had instructions on how to make rings. Yours are beautiful. This is something that I would love to try for fun.

  3. Thank you for the compliment!

    I learned my first ring techniques from Eni Oken. Those are the very ornate ring pictures you saw on my blog. You can find her ring tutorials at I adore Eni’s designs, but she has not designed anything in the past year, as her creativity has been devoted to bringing this great resource site to us all. On Jewelry Lessons, a number of different designers post their tutorials after Eni has juried them and judged them suitable — this is most important, as Eni’s own tutorials are quite detailed, to the point that a beginner can actually make an advanced piece (I did!!!), and all of the tutorials on JL are supposed to meet Eni’s own standards.

    You will find some of the other ring ideas I am interested in at that site as well. Once I made a few rings based on other people’s ideas, I began to evolve my own style.

    The tutorials at Jewelry Lessons are very affordable (I am on a limited budget, but I can usually snag one or two each month – the most expensive one I have bought cost $10 — most are in the $5 – $8 range, and there are a number of free tutorials, as well, which will give you new ideas about what to do)

    I hope this helps! I hope you will let me know what you make… it is always interesting! Perhaps I will see your designs on JL some day soon!

  4. UPDATE TO THIS POST: folded in 2016. Eni Oken has her own website and she also sells her tutorials on If you want to find a very large selection of ring tutorials (or any other kind of tutorial, I have found that most of the jewelrylessons tutorial producers can be found at

    Go to and just pick the ring styles you want! You learn as you make the rings, and, if you are as inept as I am at following instructions, you will come up with a ring that is beautiful and looks nothing like what you saw in the pictures.

  5. where is the best place to buy cabochons in N.Y.C. ? … thanks …

  6. Thank You for these listing……Saved my a lot of searching and collecting. best to you !! 🙂

  7. I am looking for a place that sells murano style pendants wholesale. I have seen them in many flea markets and of course the vendor wouldn’t say who the suppler was. There are many variations-hearts,butterflies, cats, peace signs etc. We do fund raising for hospitals and are looking for these to sell before Christmas. They are selling in the flea markets at a cost of 3 for $10 including the ribbon.

  8. I am looking for a place that sells murano style pendants wholesale. I have seen them in many flea markets and of course the vendor wouldn’t say who the suppler was. There are many variations-hearts,butterflies, cats, peace signs etc. We do fund raising for hospitals and are looking for these to sell before Christmas.

  9. I’ve seen some in the Chinese stores on 6th Avenue and Bead World on Broadway, in Manhattan. You might also try Fire Mountain Gems on line

  10. I am looking for a wholesale supplier of alternative cords for jewelry such as leather rubber and more specifically denim with rhodium plated sterling silver clasps. can anyone help me with this?

  11. I appreciate this list you have no idea! I am looking to start my own jewelry line, but dont know how to make a single thing myself! I am very intersted in castings and soldering. I was wondering you knew of any places in the city(or around the city) that make jewelry samples and production for small labels.

  12. Gosh! I have no clue. Why don’t you go to Metalliferous and look for David, and ask him? He might be able to point you in a direction.

  13. I would check out CJS at 16 W. 36th St. They have all sorts of things. If they don’t have it, then I would see what kind of wholesale prices (I know they have them) you could get from Beads World, and if that doesn’t work for you, then search on-line. There is probably an importer — I doubt they are making that here in the city, although they might be.

  14. Karan Mitchell

    Hi Karan:
    I think Big Stone is gone. They used to have another presence on W37th St. near 6th Ave., and that is gone, too. (I have found a place on W35th btw 7th and Broadway that stocks seed beads which still carry the tags from Big Stone – I guess the company sold out the seed beads when they closed the other two stores) Not to worry. The parent company, which, I think, is still called Phoenix, is on W 37th near 5th Ave. on the north side. It is a big showroom with little assistance, but they have what you want, in all likelihood, as long as you know what you are looking for and know what it looks like, and understand the Chinese stone vendor mentality (the majority of the workers there are Chinese,and the products are all made in China)
    What I mean to say is that they are not at all as friendly as the people at Big Stone were.

    Never mind! They are no longer strictly wholesale (give me your Tax ID), and they do have the same discount plan that Big Stone had — buy X amount one time and you get a card and you always get a certain discount)

    I hope this helps. If not, please feel free to write back.

    You wrote on my blog:
    I’m looking for a store called Big Stone, it used to be on 28th street and Broadway. I know it moved, but don’t know where it moved to. Please help, if you have any information.
    Thank you,
    Karan Mitchell

  15. I am not sure if I am too novice for this site but I was wondering how I can begin the process of making jewelry. Yes this is a huge question for I realize there is so much but everyone who is an expert had to have started at ground zero. So with this in mind, I wondering if you recommend a place that I can go into for retail only for many of the stores in the nyc are wholesale unless I am misinformed.

  16. I love this site! Thanks so much for the great information. I’m looking for heavy wire to hammer, shape and texture to incorporate into my jewelry. Any ideas who would carry jewelry wire about 10 to 12 gauge? Thanks!

  17. I found your site on this morning and really liked it. I bookmarked your blog and will definitely be back soon to read your new posts!

  18. congratulations on your new line~ I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  19. Thanks! I’m glad you like the site. I’ll be posting more soon. Glad you’ve bookmarked! It makes me feel I have to be more responsible about posting my pieces!

  20. Oh ho! Dear Erica! There are so many places you can go to if you are just starting out and just want to make something for yourself or as an experiment. Go to my store list (up at the top of my blog). Any store that I have not listed as specifically wholesale is probably a good place to go.
    If you just want to buy one or two beads, then you should go to Bead World (7th Ave btw 37th & 38th), or the bead stores on the west side of 6th Ave btw 38th & 39th). There is also a “onesie’ bead shop on 5th Ave, just above 34th St. Margola, on 37th St. btw 5th and 6th is in the process of changing from onesies to strings of beads. (these are just the ones in the “bead district” (my term) in mid-town – check my blog for other places.

    If you are willing to spring for a whole string of beads, there are more stores. If you want to buy in the ones you fear are wholesale, you should carry cash – many times that will help you get what you want.
    Phoenix on the corner of 37th and 5th sells strings of beads (stone and glass), as well as pearls, and some silver products (wire and beads) You can buy whatever amount you wish. If you are going to buy $200 worth at once, you will qualify for their discount, which should immediately reduce your first purchase to about $130 or so. Run in there and collect everything you like up to $200 then go to the cashier and ask about the member card. They are Chinese. You may have to reword the idea a couple of times until they get what you are saying, but you should be able to get that card and that discount right away with your first purchase. They do sometimes have some onesies but don’t expect to find exactly what you want in onesies.
    Sterling Stone on 5th Ave btw 30th and 31st will let you buy buy the strand if you pay in cash. they say they have a $65 limit, but if you act like you know what you are doing, i.e., you do not ask a lot of questions but pick out what you want and go directly to the cashier and do not fight her, you can pay cash for items costing as little as $2.00
    My first time there, I spent only $30.00 and had no problem. I have spent as little as $2.00 (a nice string of tiny pearls) with no problem. If you pay cash they will not balk. Don’t want to use a credit card. They will not be friendly. I have a tax id, but they still act weird if I don’t have cash and want to buy less than $100.
    Go back and look at my list and then just be brave and walk into places, pick up a few pieces and walk over to pay for them and see what happens. Most times, you will successfully buy what you want.

  21. you can get heavy (10-12 ga.) wire from Metalliferous, or RioGrande

  22. Anyone have any idea where I can find inexpensive wire to hammer. I would need 10 gauge. Thanks!

  23. I was wondering if you could help me find a wood craftsman or supplier for responsible wood to incorporate into jewelry.
    Much appreciated.

  24. Thank you for all this information.. I am new in NYC and I am glad I found out ur blog at the right time.. I’ll go visit these places just in a day or two..

    Yesterday after looking up on the internet, I landed at some wrong places for bead shopping.. those were the gold/silver jewelry stores on the 47th street and I was most afraid when a person asked me to show him my wedding ring and proposed to give it a new look.. glad that I ran back..

    but today, i am happy to discover this site.. thanks so much

  25. Thanks for all the awesome research. There are definitely some on here that I am going to try soon!

    I have to say, Metalliferious is a great source, but David is one of the most rude people I have ever dealt with. He acts as if he is doing you a favor by accepting your money, and is extremely impatient. It’s too bad, because I would way rather shop there for convenience sake, but have completely banned it on principal. As a business owner, I cannot understand why he would treat customers so rudely or why everyone in the city hasn’t banned him!

  26. Hi I wanted to know where i can purchase faux gem stones in a silver setting…preferably emerald cut???

  27. Looking for metal sheets, copper in particular to make bracelets, pendants etc. Visiting NYC in July don’t know where to shop

  28. omigosh! This Southern girl has become too much a New Yorker! David is *so* New York! He is very very helpful, but, if you don’t listen to him, he will get snippy. He will lead you by the hand to anything you need, as long as you listen to him the first time. If you ask him the second time, yes, he will get snippy. I think it is the nature of his business. There are 49 other people in the room (including, possibly, me) who want to ask him a question. He works fast, he works deep, but, most importantly, he works fast. If you tell him what you want, he will go there and cover it in incredible depth. If you don’t know what you want, he will try for maybe a minute to get you to articulate, and then, if you just won’t, he will blow you off. If you ask him a question and he tells you the answer, then you ask him the same question, he will blow you off. You can be dumb with David once. When he explains, if you don’t focus immediately, he’s gone. You can’t be thinking about anything else except what David is saying when you ask him a question, because he will just blow you off. Never mind! David is your go-to person there. If you are able to focus (and not think about your cellphone or what you are going to buy in Macy’s after you leave), you can get amazing information from David. He will tell you exactly what you need to what you want to do, and he will tell you how to save money, and he will tell you when what you think you want to buy is not really what you need or really want to buy. He is so cool that way….. BUT…. if you start asking the same question over again, he will lose interest. You have to really focussed to talk to this man.

  29. I hear you on Southern girl turned New Yorker. I’m usually right there with you.

    I believe other people might have had a good experience with David, but I have not. The last time I went in, I knew exactly what I wanted and told him exact quantity, material and size. I promptly got an eye roll, a sigh and a complaint about having to go look for it!

  30. Wow! that is so not the David that I know (unless he might have had 6 people right before you asking for the same thing)
    I have developed a shell here, I think, and so I shuck off a lot of the eye-rolling, especially with particular ethnic groups, and just expect to get on with business (it causes me problems when I go back down south, actually), because I really do expect to get on with business. What can I say? Maybe I power through?

  31. Metalliferous! The place to go! (look for my stores page at the top for the address)

  32. I use copper and bronze when I want inexpensive. Metalliferous has good prices, but, if you are not in New York
    City, you might want to check out Fire Mountain Gems or RioGrande

  33. Well, I’m glad you have had a good experience. I’ve been here over 20 years and don’t have any problem with NYC abruptness. I just don’t see any reason to tolerate outright rudeness when I am a customer. Apparently most people who wrote reviews on Yelp feel the same way. Thankfully you have suggested many other great stores on your blog (which is fabulous).

  34. I’ve been asked to purchase several things and do not know where to go for these items. I hope you can help:
    20 Gauge Wire
    22 Gauge Wire
    24 Gauge Wire
    (5 oz each, gold filled)
    5 oz chain link, gold filled
    Crystal AB beads (100)
    Black AB beads (100)
    Earring Hooks (50) Gold Filled
    Chain Hooks (50) Gold Filled
    Stoppers (50) Gold Filled

    Please tell me there is somewhere in Manhattan that I can purchase all of these items at a good price? I would love to be able to get them in one or 2 locations only? I saw all of the stores listed above, but do not know who would have these items, I would apprecitate the help!

  35. Hi There,thank you so much for this site and all the great info, I am digging it!
    Do you have any idea where I can get chains finished as in dipped? Someone told me that their is a place that you drop them off and they put something on it that helps the color not change. I then can sell my jewelry for more money. I’m so sorry I have no idea what the name is. If you also know where to get unique chains 14K gold filled that would help too!
    Thanks in advance

  36. transplanted new yorker heading there for a visit. will need to do a bit of shoppping for my out-of-country jewelry biz. looking specifically for bali/thai/indian silver beads — for good price. don’t have resale llicense anymore as i no longer live in U.S. but don’t want to pay “tourist” retail prices either. I’m hip to silver prices, so recommendations????? thanks. suzan

  37. Your best bets would be Metalliferous on 46th St. (btw 6th & 7th Aves) and Sterling Stone on 5th Ave @ 30th St.
    Both have progressively discounted prices depending on quantity. Metalliferous has a larger assortment (you can see a catalog at their site (, but Sterling Stone has some interesting offerings (unfortunately, nothing you can really count on seeing the next time you go)

  38. I know and I don’t know. I overheard it mentioned at Metalliferous, and the knowledge stayed but the specifics went. If you contact Metalliferous, they will tell you. The place is on W. 47th St. I think, around the corner from Metalliferous

  39. I live in Alabama and would like to purchase jewelry for my shop. I havent had much luck finding nice wholesale jewelry. Any suggestions?

  40. Helen Cammarata

    I am looking to buy wholesale in NYC copper, brass, beads, spacers, wire, findings. Also would like to take a class in NYC in wire-wrapping stones, etc. Any suggestions?

  41. I am interested in purchasing wholelsale silver beads and findings. I ususally go to Sterling Stone for beads too. I am open to a new supplier for one stop shopping.


  42. I am interested in purchasing wholesale silver findings and beads. I am a customer of Sterling Stone, but interested in better wholesale prices.

  43. for silver findings and beads, I would go to Metalliferous, if you are on the ground in New York City. You might be able to get better prices on-line, but for see and trust in NYC, I go to Metalliferous.

  44. The best place I know of to buy and sell jewelry is Etsy
    For places to buy, check out the listing at the top of my blog

  45. Metalliferous is fantastic.The more you buy, the lower the price goes. If you have a tax id, they don’t charge you tax.

  46. Hi there. You have such great info on here so first thank you! Secondly, I make beaded bracelets and have been looking for the perfect pave crystal round bead to accentuate them with. I’ve found some at stores you listed such as Beads on Fifth, New York Beads, etc but I find most of them to be rather cheap and tarnish wayy too quickly. After wearing a bracelet once you can see the copper coming through and I know oils on the skin will do this but shouldnt be this quick. Any adivce on where to find some of these nicer looking pave crystal beads? I’ll pay more if that’s what it takes.

    I would check out Fire Mountain Gems. They have an amazing assortment of all things good, and their prices are reasonable.
    Right now, in the Chinese stores in NYC, there are a lot of “pave-ish” beads for not too much cash. You have to go in there – they don’t seem to have a web presence. (I’d look at BeadsWorld first – it has the best prices among the Chinese stores, and the workers there are reasonably friendly (as Chinese-friendly goes, meaning, they won’t seem like they are going to bite you, although they may seem to speak to you harshly — that’s how Chinese works, and they just bring it into English. Most of them do seem like they are trying to be friendly).

  47. Hi,
    I would like to pick up some natural stone bead strands of different colours(family of stones like coral, emerald, sapphires, jades and so on), sizes, shapes and would like to get a good deal as i would be buying 20 to 30 strands at max for my family…Please help me as i don’t have much time in NY and would be heading out of NY in a few days. As i am here on work for only a few days i dont have any tax id either…please suggest some nice places to get best deals.

    If you don’t have much time in the City, and you want to get the best bang for your buck (i.e., the greatest selection for the greatest price, I would recommend you go to Sterling Stone. This place specializes in semi-precious stones and pearls. They also carry glass beads, Chinese porcelain pearls, man-made items, sterling items, sterling wire and findings, and other assorted things.

    For most silver, go to Metalliferous. They normally have the best prices on silver (but.. compare what’s available at Sterling Stone)

    I’d say, if you go to both of these places, you will max out your credit card and still be wanting more — they both do have the best prices. If you have a wholesale id, Metalliferous will not charge you tax. Sterling Stone’s prices go down (wholesale-ly) depending on the dollar amount you buy. Metalliferous’s prices also go down depending on the amount you buy, license or no license.

  48. i’m heading to new york this coming February 2012 to look for stores selling wholesale freshwater pearls. I have no idea where to go to get good to high quality freshwater pearls. I’d pay more if it means that I would get pearls of better of quality. I heard there’s a lot of stores there that sell pearls at low prices but are not that good. Thanks

    The best place I know for reasonably priced pearls (and/or stones) is Sterling Stone at 286 5th Ave. You go in there, and feel like you have fallen into pearl heaven. They sell the pearls by gram or something, but you can take a hank of them to the counter and ask them how much one strand would cost, and they’ll give you an amazing price (I mean, I almost fainted the first time, because I couldn’t believe that I could have that strand of pearls for the change in my pocket).
    I do always have my wholesale license with me, but, if you are willing to $buy their minimum, they won’t ask you for it (I think the minimum is @$60) If you want to buy with a credit card, they get cranky, and they usually want at least the minimum. Not to worry.
    As soon as you see everything they sell, you will probably start worrying about your credit limit, even if you don’t have a credit limit. This is an amazing place.

  49. I’m also trying to find stores that sell Swarvoski crystal or elements. Thank you.

    Gosh! almost all of the stores on my list sell Swarovski or Preciosa. If you are not in NYC, I’d say check out Fire Mountain Gems. The more you buy, the steeper the discount.

  50. Where in NYC can I find good quality fresh water pearls for wholesale?

    Try Sterling Stone on 5th Ave. They have a sliding scale – cheap to start off, and the prices go down the more you buy at the same time.

  51. Thanks! Great resource, much appreciated.

  52. I’m looking to start making my own earring (for personal use not business wise). I want the beads that’s on the “Basketball Wives show” (Poporazzi earrings), they are like colored mesh balls etc. what locations I can get them for CHEAP.

    You can try BeadsWorld in Manhattan on Broadway between 37th and 38th. In my experience, they usually have whatever people want in “onesies”, i.e., you can buy the bead in the number you want, regardless of how few (and they do give a discount if you buy many – they decide how many is many).
    If you are not in New York City, then I would suggest you check out They usually have whatever is the in thing to have.

  53. Thank you so much for
    this extensive list of supply stores. I am just getting started and your list sure has helped a great deal.

  54. Thank you for listing Rock Star. Just wanted to tell you that our store in Park Slope Brooklyn has been closed and should be deleted. We also now have a website/link:

    Our shop carries more items than ever, and we expanded our hours to Tuesday through Sunday 1PM- 7PM.

  55. THANK YOU so much for this comprehensive list. I recently moved to New York and this saved me a lot of time. 🙂 I am trying to restart my small jewelry business here in NYC. I checked out a few of the places/suppliers you listed and recommended… mostly the ones that sounded like they would have what I am looking for. I found them all to be very expensive compared to the jewelry supply shops selling the same/similar stuff in the city where I’m from?? I’m wondering if there are wholesalers or specific shops more geared towards designers. Basically, supplies at prices that make it possible for designers to actually make and sell things. At the moment, I’m neither finding the things I need nor the quality of product that I need and at realistic prices for people who this for a living.

    I used to shop at a store in Toronto (Lacie and Co.) that had more professional and higher quality supplies and equipment at very reasonable (wholesale) prices. As of yet, I’ve not come across a place like that here. Perhaps I haven’t hit the right place yet?? Any suggestions or tips or things I may have overlooked?

    Thanks in advance for your help. 🙂

  56. This information you have given is remarkable. Thank yo so much. I just started my business and this has given more insight on where me and my team can get the items, beads needed. All the best to you prettysmartone!

  57. My listings are primarily for people who want to make jewelry but might not necessarily be ready to sell. I think I mention where tax id is required. That is the key if you want wholesale prices. Then, too, there are quite a few places which lower the price when you are buying in bulk (off the top of my head, there are Metalliferous on W.46th St., Phoenix on W.37th St, Sterling Stone on 5th Ave, and Beads World on Broadway). You don’t get a discount for onesies, but, if you are buying in bulk, i.e., large quantities of one item, or else a large quantity of things, depending on the store, you can get a discount. The stores usually make it pretty clear to you what they are up to (for example: Metalliferous puts the price for 1, for 10, for 100 right there on the bin; Beads World offers 1 price for 1, another for 10, and another for 144, and the prices are right there on the bin; and Sterling Stone has a sign high up on one of the walls that explains how they discount. At Phoenix, you should ask, and be prepared to be patient – sometimes their English is iffy)
    I hope this helps.

  58. Hello! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!

    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  59. A search in Bing raised your web blog – I’m happy it did, cheers.

  60. You probably don’t even check this but thank you so much for listing this! It’s helped me so much in starting my buisness

  61. Oh, yes, I do look at these things. Not so terribly often, but I do, because I like to know that I should keep up this blog! Thanks for your positive comments!

  62. Awesome! Thank you so very much, I honestly really appreciate all of this info. I’m gonna shop around ny and I may even look over seas for what I need. Thanks again!

  63. Suzanne Flynn

    Going to NEw York soon. Of all the places you listed, What is the best place to get gold filled findings ? I do have a wholesale number.
    Thanks, suzanne

  64. omigosh! I haven’t thought much about gold-filled! I know they had them at shop next door to M&J on 6th Avenue between 37th & 38th Sts. I’m not sure if Sterling Stone on 5th Ave. does gold-filled or gold-plate, but they are surely a place you should visit. The Chinese stores on 6th Avenue & Broadway, and the Indian stores on 36th probably only have gold-plate (I don’t give them much shrift as their prices are higher than Sterling Stone, and, like the Chinese stores, they might likely not know what their wares actually are). Then, too, the Chinese stores will likely lie to you and tell you what you are looking at is what you asked about. Again, that place on Broadway (I think it might be called 11 11 or something like that) is where I learned about gold-filled, so I’m thinking they might still carry it.
    Another way is to go to Metalliferous (or call them) 34 West 46th Street,Manhattan, (212) 944-0909, and just ask them where you can find gold-filled. They *will* know where to direct you in the city.

  65. My experience is that, if you are looking overseas, you are taking your chances. When I have dealt with overseas vendors, I’ve had a 50/50 experience, getting what I asked for 50% of the time, and being lied to the other 50% of the time. Since I am not big enough to go abroad with people who can test the product, I prefer to stick with people I trust here in the states, as I have been ripped off too many times by Chinese concerns.

  66. ROCKSTAR CRYSTALS has closed our Park Slope store (STONED) but has expanded our hours at our Manhattan store. We are now open everyday from 1PM to 7PM and have a website with more information More crystal points and tumbled stones than ever, and even natural gemstone beads and cabachons!

  67. Hi, which store do you prefer phoenix or sterling stone and which one is the most affordable when buying semiprecious stones?

    FROM ME:
    Sterling Stone is my go-to store – you mostly have to know what you are looking at, as far as the stones go, although sometimes the help will know (although many times, if you ask, they will make up something if they don’t know). The prices are fantastic there, but you need to pay cash if you aren’t carrying your tax id. They have a sliding scale, so, the more you buy, the lower the price (I think the lowering starts after you are buying $100 worth of stuff, but, even before that, the prices are good. They are wholesale, and all of the workers are mostly busy filling big bags for factories. Their silver prices are very competitive, but they don’t have as much silver as Metalliferous does.

    I don’t go to Phoenix much anymore – they have downsized, and their staff is incapable of being helpful (very little English there, and very little knowledge of their products) I’d go there only as a last resort if I were looking for something and I had not seen it at Sterling Stone – but, if I hadn’t seen it at Sterling Stone, that would probably be because it is unavailable in NYC.

  68. Do you know of any places in the city where I can find Swarovski Fancy stones and their corresponding settings?

    FROM ME:
    I don’t usually shop Swarovski, but I have done once in a while – I would lay bets on Beads World (Broadway btw 37th & 38th) being the easiest option for you – They have a lot of Swarovski and they don’t complain if you only want small amounts (you might not find it easy to ask questions, because most of them only speak Chinese).

    I have also found bead stores along W. 37th, btw 7th & 8th Aves, which carry lots of crystals and other bling

  69. Hi there! We’re so pleased to be included on your site along with so many of the city’s fantastic suppliers. I thought I’d give a bit more info about our uniquely stocked shop. It’s noted here that we special in exotic beads, of which we have many – from South East Asia, India, Indonesia, China, the Middle East and Mexico. Our beads are a selection of only the finest examples of glass, metal, wood, and shell, as well as fine gold and silver and one of the most unique collections of semi-precious stones, collected from across the globe. We feature a vast collection that ranges from 18th Century European trade glass to contemporary “powder glass” from West Africa to wooden prayer beads from Nepal to the finest Opals from Australia. We also offer all the accompanying jewelry making supplies such as cords, findings, and tools, as well as a selection of classes that we hold regularly in our store.

    We operate as a retail store, but offer a healthy discount for volume purchases, designers, and resellers. We provide custom jewelry design and repair services on premises, so you can have that perfect piece you’ve dreamt of created for you, or wear again a beloved piece that’s been sitting broken in your drawer. We recently updated our website and would love for you to take a look!

    Thanks so much, and we’d love to see your faces in our shop anytime – we’re open 7 days a week in the easy to access Union Square area!

  70. This is a great collection of jewelry supply shops in NY. I’ve been making jewelry for over 10 years. But I do need to share a hidden gem. There’s a small shop called Beadkraft on the corner of Broadway and 30th STreet. When I first started making jewelry, I was experimenting a lot so I wanted to buy things in bulk for cheap. Of all the shops in NY, this place definitely has the best prices for jewelry parts and jewelry findings. I think a package of 144 ear wires is like $5. And if you go to other shops, they sell one pair for like$0.25. Eye pins, ball pins, earring parts, bracelet parts, necklace me, check out this place. They are so friendly there and I’ll keep going back for years to come.

  71. I am looking for a place on line that I found years ago that was in NY that sold both retail and whole sale. They sold cheap charms and they sold paint to paint to paint the charms they sold also. But I cannot remember the name of the company. I know you could buy just 1 charm or alot of charms at a time.They sold the catalog as they had alot of diffrent charms in the catalog for sale.And they sold th paint in the catalg also. I am praying they are still opened and someone may know of this company. Thank You!

  72. Hello:
    You wrote
    I am looking for a place on line that I found years ago that was in NY that sold both retail and whole sale. They sold cheap charms and they sold paint to paint to paint the charms they sold also. But I cannot remember the name of the company. I know you could buy just 1 charm or alot of charms at a time.They sold the catalog as they had alot of diffrent charms in the catalog for sale.And they sold th paint in the catalg also. I am praying they are still opened and someone may know of this company. Thank You!

    I’m not really sure how long a long time ago is. The first store I ever saw like the one you are describing was in 1989, on 37th street That one is long gone. It was gone before I got into jewelry.
    If you are looking for more recent, like, since, say, 2000, there are a number of Chinese stores, on 6th Avenue and, also, Broadway, which sell cheap, or not so cheap charms by the onesies as well as with reduced prices for greater numbers. BeadsWorld is the first existing one that comes to mind. There is also one like it on the West side of 6th Avenue, between 37th and 38th, which has caught quite a bit of my trade in the last year or so, but I don’t remember its name – it has a very large storefront there. Across the street, on 6th Avenue, there are several more Chinese stores. I say Chinese because the owners seem to be Chinese, and the operational procedures seem to coincide with those in other Chinese bead stores (they charge a lot for the stone beads but they don’t necessarily tell you the truth about what the stones are, for example) The two I have mentioned are the best – their prices on findings and charms, displayed on big tables, are reasonable, but I would not buy stones from them if you paid me, unless you paid me a whole lot and I could not find the stones elsewhere in the world outside of China. Are you getting that I don’t trust Chinese suppliers as far as I can throw them? (I have been burned enough times on line, and I have caught them lying to me in person in the shops here often enough to know better) For cheap charms and findings, you get what you pay for wherever you go. You expect that. Still, for the best prices in the shops here right now, I would recommend the two I mentioned above. I have never seen a catalog from either of them, however
    I don’t think these are the place you are looking for, however, because I don’t know that they sell paint to paint the charms.
    Elvie Rosenberg used to sell charms and some things to stain metal, but they have moved to a warehouse, and I haven’t heard that they have established another storefront yet. You might try googling them.

  73. We are a jewelry findings supply source with the widest selection of stock components. Minimum order $100.- see:
    S. AXELROD CO., 7 WEST 30 ST New York, NY 10001 212-594-3022
    open showroom M-F 9-5

  74. Where can I find good quality loose baroque pearls?

  75. With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright violation? My blog has a lot of completely unique content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my agreement. Do you know any solutions to help reduce content from being ripped off? I’d definitely appreciate it.|

  76. Do you know any place that sells 14 k gold wholesale jewelry

  77. Faith Williams

    Im looking for tiny one inch brooches or just the setting that looks like a brooch with no pin in the back. Not sure what the tech name for this may be but the item is needed for a wedding project that should have beem done YESTERDAY!

  78. Nancy Malsin

    I’m looking for wholesale cz and pave charms on 47 th street..not real diamonds but good quality charms and pendants for jewelry making..I’ve been buying white topaz and black spinel charms and clasps from India but the shipping adds so much that I have to charge too much for retail-I know there are so many places on 47 th street but don’t know where to go -hoping you can help

  79. Nancy Malsin

    I’m looking for wholesale pave and spinel charms in New York City

  80. Greetings
    I will only be o NY for 2 days. Can you tell me the names of stores that sell the better wholesale prices for beads & jewelry. I really like working with african,egyptian, glass etc beads also ready made jewelry.
    Thanx for your help.

  81. Wow! I sure do wish I could answer your every request, but….
    I work with silver, copper, and brass. The best place to get those in Manhattan would be Metalliferous. Next best, for silver wire and findings, would be Sterling Stone, on 5th Ave @30th Street.
    For stone beads, I’d say Sterling Stone again. Their prices are the best(if you’re willing to pay cash). They don’t always have every stone you want (I could not find chrysoprase or chrysocolla yesterday, but they did have some very enticing blue tiger’s eye, and they did have what I went there for). Other bead stores often buy there and re-sell for much higher prices.
    As far as non-stone beads, I don’t have any experience there. Sorry

  82. Here is my take on things.
    If I write something, if someone takes what I have written (the idea), and re-words it to the point that no 3 words occur in the same order, that is law-compliant.

    If I see a video, and take notes, and then write down how I think it should be done, based on my understanding of the video, technically, that would be law-compliant (please note, I have never done this. I do not like to watch how-to videos because that *would* require me to write down everything so that I could study it later, and that’s not my favorite thing to do)
    If someone reads my instructions, or looks at a picture I have posted, and then copies that piece, well, wasn’t I the one who posted the stuff in the first place? If what I am doing is such a big secret, I will only make it and never let anyone see it, and I won’t ever even wear it, because someone might see it and copy it.

    I studied with Eni Oken for quite some time. I tried hard to copy her instructions, but nothing I ever did ever really looked anything like what her pieces did. I learned a technique or two from her, yes, but I never made a copy of anything that was in her tutorials (everything I did just turned out way different). So, Eni would never feel that I had *copied* her work — I’ve been *inspired* by it, but never managed to *copy* it.

    One of the problems with copyright law is that, in order to chase down someone who has actually violated the law as regards your work, you would need a lot of time and money. (A few years back, there was a fellow who copied about 6 pages from one of my websites and included them *verbatim* in a book which he published. I found it because I bought the book and read it, and, at a certain point, I said to myself “this looks awfully familiar” — the writing style had suddenly changed– and, when I looked on my website, I discovered that he had copied my material word for word. I consulted a lawyer, who kindly explained his fees, and, also, the time I would have to spend in court, should the case ever come to trial. He suggested that the author who had plagiarized my work understood this,and figured I would not want to spend so much money and time to take him down. Instead, I decided to bad-mouth him at every turn for several years, telling anyone who asked and/or was listening about how he had plagiarized my work)
    So, the long and short of it would be:
    *don’t publish tutorials if you don’t want people to try to copy your work
    *don’t show anyone your work if you don’t like the idea that they might try to copy it
    *don’t you ever use a tutorial to make something.

  83. Loose pearls I wouldn’t know about, but very nice baroque pearls can be found by the strand, priced by the kilo (but you can buy one strand) at Sterling Stone in New York City. The prices are quite competitive.

  84. Been an NYC supply shopper for years–can’t thank u enough for helping me seek new sources . .are u on IG?

  85. So sad… went to Mettaliferous last week only to find they’re closed their store! They’re still an online shop but the brick and mortar shop is no more. So now, where to find sterling silver and 18k gold chain and findings? Tho he’s a sweetie, I don’t like doing business with Myron Tobak much. Chain is hard to see so far away and you have to ask to be shown every single one and they don’t like showing more than 2-3 at a time so it’s hard to compare. Where do you buy 18k gold chain?

  86. I’m just sick over this. When I’ve bought gold, I’ve gone to Rio Grande (on-line). I have no idea where one would go in town if not Myron Tobak. I mostly use silver, copper, and a specific brass, and it looks as if I’ll have to start doing more on-line shopping. I’ve looked at their website from time to time since they initiated it, but it always seems that they are out of stock on the item I’m looking for.

  87. A lot of people put a copyright notice on articles in their blogs, and put some sort of notice such as “if you copy part of this, please reference my blog”.
    Really, there’s not much you can do to keep people from copying your work on-line. Then, again, how are they copying it? I mean, if they read what you said and then expertly paraphrase it (no same three words together”, for example), or even just write their own article based on what they have learned from your article, technically (and legally) that’s not plagiarizing, although we might feel that it is slightly less than totally ethical.
    What I sometimes do, in the case of a verbatim copy, is write to the copier thanking them for reading my blog and casually mention that they forgot to reference the article on my blog and that it would be nice of them to do so (and I include a copy of a suitable reference)

  88. What is IG? I suppose if I am asking you that, I am not on IG

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